Plaka disctrict and Anafiotika neighbourhood

Plaka disctrict is located on the northeastern hill of the Acropolis. It is the oldest part of the city. The old city plan was located there since the Mycenaean era. In the past, the king’s servants and a large number of craftsmen lived in this area. Today it is a favorite place for locals to stroll. No motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed here. Plaka has always been a center of attraction for creative people – musicians, artists, street artists. This gives reason to call it the Athenian Montmartre.

If you are a tourist, we recommend you to book a hotel in this part of the city. It is extremely attractive with its small romantic streets, family taverns and cute cafes. Plaka is also within walking distance of the city’s main attractions and is a good starting point for your tour of Athens. As for souvenir shops – they are full of all sorts of things, most of which are useless, but you can still buy interesting gifts for relatives and friends from them.

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Plaka is crossed by two main streets – Adrianou and Kidatineon, where many jewelery shops are located. Most of them buy the jewelry they offer from local factories. There are a few, however, who handcraft their exhibits. The most famous of them is the “Byzantino” store. It is located on Adrianou Street. The prices of gold products are favorable, and this is not because the gold is cheaper in Greece, but because the labor is paid less. They range from just a few euro to several thousand euro. If you are looking for something original and different, this is the place. Most tempting are the works made of 22 carat gold, which are exact replicas of ancient Greek and Byzantine jewelry.

An interesting part of Plaka is the neighborhood of Anafiotika. Its name is associated with the name of a district founded in the 19th century on the island of Anafi. The inhabitants of the island of Anafi were famous as flawless masons, but poverty and lack of work forced them to seek their fortune in Athens. So they settled at the foot of the Acropolis. The new homes they built looked like the ones they lived in on the island – cute white and blue houses. So they created a village of their own in the very heart of Athens.

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