One of the most visited and most spectacular lakes in Italy is Lake Braies. It is located in the Dolomites in South Tyrol. The average depth of the lake is 17 m, it covers an area of 31 hectares. The lake is defined as the “pearl of the Dolomites”. Braies is an ideal destination for those who love nature walks, beautiful green forests, magnificent mountains. clean and fresh air. The characteristic shade of light blue color of the lake will captivate you! For the sum of 17 euros, you can rent a wooden boat to go around the lake.


The distance from Cortina d’Ampezzo to the lake is 46 km. and it takes about an hour to walk. Be aware that parking near the lake can be quite a difficult and nerve-wracking process. Therefore, we recommend that you go as early as possible to avoid waiting for hours for a parking space. There are several parking lots near the lake. The hotel parking lot, located right on the lake, is also used for parking. The fee for the whole day is 38 euros. This includes access to the car park (at any time of the day), a reserved parking space and a €15 voucher that you can redeem at Emma’s Bistro or Panorama Restaurant and Lodge. Note: campers cannot park here.