Castelvecchio is a castle that was a major military fortress of the Scaligeri dynasty that ruled Verona during the Middle Ages. It was built by Calgrande II della Scala between 1354. and 1376 At the same time, the fortified Castelvecchio bridge was built, which passes over the Adige river. The bridge was intended for escape in the event of a rebellion or coup. The fortress was supposed to protect Verona from its powerful neighbors such as Venice, the Sforza and Gonzaga families.

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However, despite the efforts, the city did not withstand the enemy attacks. In 1404, after the short rule of Carrara and Visconti, the Venetians captured it. During the Venetian occupation, the fortress was used exclusively for military purposes. Then holes were made in which cannons were placed. In the 18th century, the castle even became the seat of the Venetian Military Academy. During the subsequent French occupation, the castle was significantly damaged. Although Napoleon chooses it as his residence during his visits to Verona, the repression he inflicts on the local population activates it and it drives out the invaders. After the Austrians settled in the city, Castelvecchio was turned into a barracks.


Description: Castelvecchio /picture source:;

In 1923 the castle underwent drastic changes, according to the plans of Antonio Navena, director of the City Museums, and the architect Fernando Forlatti. Since 1925 e Castelvecchio houses a gallery, the largest art collection in Verona.

Address: Corso Castelvecchio 2;

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