Juliet's house

Juliet’s house is one of the most famous attractions in Verona. Those of you who have read Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” cannot help but make association with the city. Couples from all over the world come to visit the birthplace of the two lovers and leave signs of their own love.

The house was built in the 13th century and used to belong to the Capello family (similar to Capulet). The famous balcony of Juliet however was built much later, only in the 20th century. However, the hundred thousand girls who annually climb it and search for their Romeo in the crowd, are hardly interested in this fact. The power of storytelling clearly should not and cannot be underestimated. As if no one really cares if Romeo and Juliet were just products of Shakespeare’s imagination.

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According to the historians there are some who believe that Shakespeare was not the first to tell the unfortunate love story of the two lovers. In their opinion the first one was actually the Italian writer Luigi da Porta.

In the house there is a small museum where different objects related to the work of Shakespeare are exposed – costumes, pictures, movies, based on it and etc. In the courtyard stands the bronze statue of Juliet. There is a belief according to which those who touches its right breast will be struck by luck in love. The walls of the passageway which leads to the courtyard resemble a colorful carpet. They are studded with hearts and love messages. Annually on Valentine’s Day “Juliet’s Club” organizes feast in the house and awards those whose love letters, addressed to the organization during the previous year, have made the biggest impression.

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