Piazza Erbe is the heart of Verona. He is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. Built on the site of a Roman forum it has always been the center of social, commercial and political life. Many buildings with magnificent architecture and rich history are located on it.

In the middle of the square stands a small canopy supported by four columns. Known as the “Tribune” the canopy was built in the 16th century. In the past this was the place where the guards of the market were staying. They were those who monitored the order. If someone was accused of fraud, he was tied to a shed where he/she was left to people’s ridicule. New laws and important notifications were also placed there.


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The oldest monument on the square is the Madonna Verona Fountain. It was built by the Romans in 380. The statue of the Madonna was places later, during the rule of Scaligeri dynasty and is work of the sculptor Consignorio.

Particularly interesting are the buildings of the “House of merchants” and of the former city authority – Ratusha. “House of merchants” is located on the south end of the square. It was built in 1301 and attracts the attention with its stone façade. Palazzo del Commune housed the offices of the magistrates and the Court of Assisi for a long time.


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High above the square stands the tower Lamberti. It is 83 meters high. Its construction began in 1172 but several centuries were needed for its completion. During this period the tower was restored several times and upgraded. Various materials were used during its construction and this is visible on its façade. The tower has two famous bells. One of them – Marangoni signaled the end of the working day and also sounded an alarm in case of fire, the other – Rengo, signaled in case of enemy attack and when meetings of the magistrates were convened.

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