Monastiraki neighbourhood

Monastiraki neighborhood is a small neighborhood located near the central Syntagma Square. This place is a stall heaven. Shopping is a favorite pastime not only for tourists but also for the local population. At the flea market in Monastiraki, you can find literally everything – from various useless objects to real antiques.

In the photo: Monastiraki district;

Actually, it’s not a real flea market. It only looks like this on Sundays, when some of the shops are closed and sellers pile tables and carpets in front of them, on which they display their goods. On the other days, however, the market in Monastiraki is a traditional market that can be compared, for example, to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. In addition to shops, Monastiraki also has workshops where you will be interested in watching skilled craftsmen in action.

Address: Adrianou Street