Athitos village, Kassandra

Although the beginning of May brings us a chilly spring, more of us already want to feel the warmth of the summer months, combined with sea breezes and beach experiences. During the past weekends, we decided to look for summer in neighboring Greece – one of the most preferred seaside destinations. We will introduce you to the heavenly place that we liked – the small seaside village of Athitos (Afitos).

Athitos is 46 km south of Polygyros, the capital of the prefecture of Halkidiki, in the northern part of the Kassandra Arm. It is known as a traditional Greek village with a great atmosphere and beautiful cobbled streets. The term “wonderful” is weak when it comes to describing Athitos. However, its uniqueness lies not only in its beauty, but also in its historical and natural significance. Although a developed resort area with hotels, restaurants and other facilities, Athitos has managed to preserve its traditional charm. It overlooks the Gulf of Toroneos, with magnificent views of Sithonia and the east coast of Kassandra. The village is rich in Orthodox Christian buildings and stone houses, most of which have stone inscriptions. Cobbled streets take you from one end of Athitos to the other.

How to get to Afitos?

The easiest option is by car, at the beginning of the village, near the main road, there is a convenient parking lot where you can leave your car. From it, the distance to the center is short.

The other option is by bus. You can pick one up from Halkidiki Bus Station in Thessaloniki. Detailed information about its location, ticket prices and bus schedules can be found at the following link:

What not to miss in Athitos?

Since we arrived early in Athitos, we decided to have breakfast at the most famous bakery here – Lemonis. It is located near the main road and can be reached easily and quickly whether you came by car or bus. In the bakery, you can try traditional Greek breakfast as well as delicious desserts, as well as enjoy a cup of espresso, a frappe or a glass of fresh fruit from your favorite fruit. Everything we ordered from there was fresh and really tasty, and they make the best espresso coffee you can find in Greece. Great service, a wide variety of sweets, pretzels and ice cream.

After breakfast we headed to the main square of the city. Traditional Greek architecture can be seen throughout the village, especially in the main square where the Church of Saint Demetrius and the Folklore Museum stand.

The church was built in 1858 on the ruins of an older church, also dedicated to the same saint, and was destroyed in 1821 during the Kassandra Holocaust along with the entire village. It is a three-nave basilica with a dome, a built-in bell tower, a vestibule and a courtyard. It is the largest Eastern Orthodox Christian church with a dome in Halkidiki.

The Folklore Museum of Athitos is housed in a traditional monument building from 1889 in the central square of the village, which was donated by the Aletras family. Folklore exhibits created at the initiative of the artist Nikos Paralis and provided by the residents of the village are on display. The folklore collection includes household utensils, agricultural implements (for ploughing, sowing, harvesting) and pottery, which is a craft with a long tradition here. The basement houses a collection of agricultural tools, while the first floor presents traditional furnishings.

A pretty narrow street leads us from the central square to a place with a magnificent view of the sea. Athitos is built on a rock rising to a height of 75 m. It is a place endowed with much natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy a superb sea with the cleanest and warmest waters in the Mediterranean and small sandy shores that are pleasantly decorated with small stones.

Notos All Day Bar is the place for connoisseurs of high-quality seafood delicacies. Rising above the cliffs of Athios Beach, here you will find a peaceful oasis where you can unwind from an early morning with a cup of coffee, enjoying the gentle sea sun. Delicious specialties will keep you company during the day, combining Mediterranean cuisine served with a modern interpretation. We highly recommend you hide under the shade of Notos with one of their signature cocktails.

Athitos Beach and several other beaches in the surrounding area are excellent places to spend time, and the waters of these beaches are at the top of the list of the cleanest and warmest in the entire Mediterranean. Afitos beach is easy to get to, although it doesn’t look like it from above. In about 10-15 minutes we got from Notos to Ta Glarakia restaurant. For a cup of coffee, and in our case, an ice cream, you can occupy one of the sunbeds on the beach, no extra charge is required. If you want seafood or Greek moussaka, the choice is bigger here, and the food and service are great.

Along a beautiful cobbled street from the center of the village, passing through several extremely cute and typically Greek restaurants, painted in the traditional Greek colors – blue and white, you reach one of the most beautiful views in Athitos.

Don’t miss the Kassandra Olive Oil Ice creme shop, ice cream with olive oil. The selection is large, and the place is incredibly cozy and cute.

The tranquility of Athitos and the nearby beautiful beach make it popular in the summer. That is why this small village on the Kassandra Peninsula is so well developed in terms of tourism. Its facilities include a variety of hotels, apartments and rooms for rent, as well as a large number of restaurants, taverns and cafes, most of which offer great views of Toroneos Bay. The beach of Athitos is long and sandy and its waters are crystal clear, surrounded by green hills. All this makes it an ideal choice for a summer seaside holiday!

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