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Delphi is primarily associated with the famous ancient sanctuary and oracle of the god Apollo. In fact, today’s Delphi includes both an archaeological complex and a modern city, located on the southwestern slope of Mount Parnassus. Modern Delphi is located immediately to the west of the archaeological complex, making it a popular and desirable tourist destination. The main road connecting the cities of Amfisa, Itea and Arachova passes through it. There are many hotels, guesthouses, taverns and bars there. Its population is only a few thousand people.

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Delphi was a leading religious center in Ancient Greece. The sanctuary is the most revered in the entire Mediterranean. In Delphi there are temples of the gods, the central one of which is that of Apollo, a stadium, a theater and treasuries of the Greek polis, which stored the gifts for the god. According to Greek mythology, the Delphi complex is the site of the Delphic Oracle – Pythias, which was an oracle in the classical Greek world. The monstrous dragon Python guarded the spring. This was the place where the prophecies were to be fulfilled. Apollo killed Python. This marked the beginning of the Pyntian Games, which are the predecessors of today’s Olympic Games. From the 6th century BC. the Pythian Games were held here, featuring musical and sporting competitions. Today, the ruins of Delphi are a tourist attraction and part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The main attractions of Delphi are the Archaeological Museum and the Gymnasium. The gymnasium is a building for training competitors in public games. In Delphi, you can also visit Tholos – the sanctuary of Athena Pallas. It is a round building that was constructed in 380-360 BC. It consists of 20 Doric and 10 Corinthian columns.

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