Lake Misurina is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful alpine lakes. Located high in the Italian Alps at an altitude of 1,754 m, surrounded by coniferous forests and rocky peaks reaching a height of 3,000 m, the lake is characterized by a special mystery and mysticism.


Misurina is the largest natural lake in Cadore. Its maximum depth is 5 m. About ten hotels with accommodation for about 500 people have been built near the lake. The specific climatic features of the area around the lake make the air particularly suitable for people with respiratory diseases. Not far away is the only Italian care center for children suffering from asthma.


There are several interesting legends in the area related to the origin of the lake. One of them tells about a father and his daughter – Misurina. Fulfilling another wish of his capricious daughter, namely to bring her the magic mirror of the queen of Monte Cristallo /the highest peak of the Cristallo mountain group, which is located near the lake/, the father is transformed into a mountain. Out of grief, the girl’s tears flow like a river and form the lake, under whose surface she remains forever.