The Tre Cime di Lavaredo

There are many popular places around the Dolomites. Among these places, the “Tre cime di Lavaredo” ranks first. In translation, the name of the national park means the Three Peaks of Lavaredo. It is about the peaks Cima Piccola 2857 /the small peak/, Cima Grande 2999 /the big peak/ and Cima Ovest 2973 /the western peak/. These extraordinary creations of nature, characterized by their shape and dramatic beauty, attract many tourists, especially those who love nature and are fond of breathtaking natural landscapes. For climbers, the peaks are a must-see destination.


Description: Tre Cime di Lavaredo /picture source: Shutterstock/;

The distinctive shape and color of the three peaks have made this massif a symbol of the Italian Alps, easily recognizable on postcards and posters. One feels small when facing the “three sisters”, as the peaks are often called. In the past, this place was the scene of dramatic events. It played an important strategic role during the First World War, and in 1974 Bell 206 crashes at this location. Today, traces of the war can still be seen, and a commemorative plaque has been constructed from the fins of the crashed Bell 206.


Description: the path, leading to the hut;

For the first time, people set foot on the highest of the three Chimis on August 21, 1869. The trio of rock giants are made of dolomite, a type of sedimentary carbonate rock made up of the minerals dolomite (presence over 50%) and calcite. Cars as well as buses stop at the Auronzo Lodge. During the summer months there are quite a few people and the flow on the narrow paths is considerable. To reach the three peaks, you must proceed from the Auronzo hut on a narrow gravel road to the Lavaredo hut. In the middle of the road stands the Croce deli Alpine chapel. The walk is exhilarating, with majestic mountain views all around in abundance.